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WWC Matt West 05.21.18


Oklahoma native Matt West, is a professional announcer for the Professional Bull Riders and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and is a voice of pro rodeo, and, armed with a lifelong fascination of the cowboy lifestyle, strives to keep audiences informed and entertained across the United States and Canada. We appreciate Matt taking the time to visit with us about the excitement and 2018 competition in the PBR.

WWC Cooper Waln 05.07.18


Sicangu Lakota Indian Cowboy Cooper Waln from the Rosebud Reservation in south-central South Dakota is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. Cooper represents Indian Country with the most elite job in his trade, fighting bulls on the 25th Professional Bull Riders “Unleash the Beast Tour”. A great visit to share from this very modest and talented working ranch cowboy that had made it to the big times.

WWC Keyshawn Whitehorse 04.23.18


Keyshawn Whitehorse of Utah is representing the Navajo Nation in fine style as a top 35 contender in the Professional Bull Riders. Indian Country has a formidable contingency in the PBR with Keyshawn in addition to Chippewa Lakota, Stetson Lawrence; Cherokee, Ryan Dirteater and two time PBR Champion, Northern Cherokee, JB Mauney, riding bulls; Sicangu Lakota, Cooper Waln is fighting bulls. We had the privilege of visiting with a very modest, young gentleman, Keyshawn Whitehorse at the PBR event in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

WWC Brennon Eldred 04.16.18


We had the good fortune of visiting with Brennon Eldred of Oklahoma for this weeks Word With A Champ. Mr. Eldred Is one of the stickiest bull riders, not only in the Professional Bull Riders, but the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association as well. If he would have ridden his tenth bull at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2017, he would’ve won the event and the PRCA Bull Riding title. It has not slowed him down a bit in his pursuit to perform in Las Vegas, the city of lights at the PBR World Finals his second time and his fifth Wrangler NFR in 2018.

WWC Cody Lambert 04.09.18


The 25th Professional Bull Riders “Unleash the Beast Tour” sold out 3 performances in Sioux Falls, South Dakota April 6, 7 & 8, 2018. The Livestock Superintendent Cody Lambert of Texas visits with us about the event. We also caught up with the defending PBR Champion of the World, Jess Lockwood of Montana about his second victory in a row in SD.

WWC Felice Herrig 04.02.18


UFC fighter Felice Herrig is our guest this week on Word With A Champ. A nice looking woman that is all of 115 lbs of knock-out potential inside an Ultimate Fighting Competition cage. Felice is a very intelligent and determined competitor that is nearing a title fight, a first in her career. Ms. Herrig graciously shared exceptional insight to her success at 4 Bears Casino Fight Night prior to her next event in Brooklynn, NY, on one of the largest stages in the game. We wish this first class lady, Felice Herrig, victory in April.

WWC Alexa Ray Conners 03.26.18


Alexa Ray Conners of Las Vegas, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, is our guest on this weeks Word With A Champ. Some girls like Barbie dolls, some ladies like Cadillacs, this gal likes to fight. Alexa enjoyed a win at 4 Bears Casino Fight Night ”Breakdown 21” recently in New Town, North Dakota. Ms. Conners shared her story of success and how this sport has been an asset to her life.

WWC Dustin Bird 03.19.18


Blackfeet Indian Cowboy from Cutbank, Montana, Dustin Bird is a five time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifying Team Roper. Mr. Bird is a soft spoken individual that has a million dollar smile on his face most of the time, win, loose or draw. He comes by it naturally from being raised in a family and community that are among the best of the Great Horse Nations. Dustin has raised fine horses like the one he so generously loaned to Navajo Erich Rogers that was instrumental to his success winning the 2017 World Title in Las Vegas. We are honored to have such a fierce competitor that is a modest gentleman and inspiration to youth all over the United States and Canada, as our guest on Word With A Champ.

WWC Ote Berry 03.12.18


Ote Berry is a four time World Champion and Hall of Fame Steer Wrestler in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Mr. Berry endured the physical and financial hardships en route to stardom in a merciless sport that tends to make colleagues seem like family. It has been a privilege to watch Ote from college days to now, in his success creating a Jr. Steer Wrestling League, supporting the youth and future of our sport and country. We are happy to have this man that is big, fast and smart, with a lions heart, this week on Word With A Champ.

WWC Kendra Santos 03.05.18


The print of ProRodeo has been mastered by Kendra Santos serving the legend, the romance and the legacy of the American cowboy. Kendra has been in leadership positions from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Media Department to the Professional Bull Riders sports marketing. She has placed talented people into proper positions, or gave them the “boot” when necessary, a knowledgeable strategist of personnel. Ms. Santos has been an ardent supporter of NV1 Radio Network providing opportunity and access the some of the worlds greatest athletes. It is a pleasure to have a person that is such a powerful force in her field while being such a gracious, modest and beautiful woman as Kendra Santos, to be our guest on this weeks episode of Word With A Champ.

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